Aromatherapy Tin Candle


Calm: sandalwood and smoky vanilla with hints of earthy amber and patchouli mist.

Cleanse: eucalyptus and lemongrass complemented with tangelo zest and a hint of lavender and vanilla.

Refresh: zesty grapefruit and juicy guava contrasted with sweet blooming rose and peony.

Relax: mandarin orange citrus and wild mint layered with subtle creamy notes of cedarwood and vanilla.

Uplift: crisp lemon and succulent bergamot followed by the scent of watery jasmine and white lily blossoms.

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Burn while doing your creative journaling or your morning meditations. Close your eyes and relax in a hot bath surrounded by candlelight and relaxing fragrances. Whatever your activity, make it a totally soothing and sensory experience through aromatherapy.
These scented wax candles come poured into an 11-ounce tin with a screw-on lid. The container measures 4 inches in diameter and stands 3 1/8 inches tall. The beauty and simplicity of the tin container make this candle a wonderful small, and thoughtful gift.
Aromatherapy Scent

Any Aromatherapy Scent, Calm: Sandalwood & Incense, Cleanse: Lemongrass & Tangelo, Refresh: Rose & Grapefruit, Relax: Mandarin & Mint Scent, Uplift: Bergamot & Lemon Peel


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