The Perfect Combo: Full Spectrum CBD Tincture & Gelcaps

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Try our Bundles for 10% SAVINGS! This bundle features:

• Thrive: Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

• Full Spectrum CBD Vegan SoftGel capsules

• Aromatherapy Candle of your choice

Aromatherapy Scent

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Our Tinctures and Gelcaps are made with the finest quality CBD. Full Spectrum, or whole-plant, contains a wider array of cannabinoids and terpenes with less than .3% THC, which is thought to have a synergistic “entourage” effect. Full Spectrum does not contain preservatives or additives, just natural CBD that’s lab tested for quality and purity. These two products make the perfect combo! Click here for a Certificate of Analysis

Burn our delicious Aromatherapy candle while doing your creative journaling or your morning meditations. Close your eyes and relax in a hot bath surrounded by candlelight and relaxing fragrances. Whatever your activity, make it a totally soothing and sensory experience through aromatherapy. The beauty and simplicity of the tin container make this candle a wonderful small, and thoughtful gift.
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